Thermal stability of new FLAME bench

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 Temperature stability of the new FLAME optical bench.

FLAME spectrometer temperature stability
Temperature stability of new Flame bench vs old USB2000+ bench – Spectrecology


Great news! Tests of the new FLAME spectrometer for temperature stability show a dramatic improvement over the 20 year old “S” bench design that made Ocean Optics famous.

A new concept for mounting the detector directly on the optical bench, plus truly automated assembly and alignment is paying dividends. The graph at the left shows the results! The old S bench changed with temperature, losing focus, shifting wavelength and even developing “ghosting” or double peaks. the 50C temperature swing in the test data is pretty extreme, but it is something that can happen to spectrometers when they are shipped. An added bonus is the increased resolution that the FLAME exhibits, probably due to the finer control on alignment.

The other great news is the same techniques are being applied to the HR bench, with equally impressive results. The “HR4-PRO” will be released soon. We have sold a few of these recently and so far they are looking very good.