Honeymoon Island Spectroscopy

Great new video showing spectroscopy in the field!  The very first spectrometer we built in 1989 was used for oceanographic research, and we have been getting wet ever since.

Now we have systems for field use, like you see in the video, for deployment on drones and AUV’s, diver hand-held units and Raspberry Pi enabled autonomous systems.

What can you measure?

Up-welling and down-welling solar radiation, PAR, solar reflectance, pigment concentrations and ratios in algae, solar induced fluorescence, bio-luminescence, dissolved organic matter, scattering and turbidity.

Color in nature — why are animals colored, whats the survival benefits and strategies? Why an certain species see in the ultraviolet, what are they looking at?

Energetics — rates of primary production, evolution of O2 by plants, O2 consumption by animals, anaerobic habitats in sediments,

Climate change — ocean acidification, pH, dissolved CO2

The list is truly endless!  Let us know if you have something you want to measure at the beach!

And yes we can test the effectiveness of your sun tan lotion too!