How do I measure optical power with my spectrometer?

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Radiometric Calibrations DH-2000-CAL HL-2000-CAL

Spectrometers measure an electrical signal (A/D counts) vs wavelength.  Relating that signal to something meaningful requires comparison to a standard or reference. For reflection measurements, this is provided by a reflection standard (100% white or specular). For transmission or absorbance this could be air, or a cuvette with a blank solution representing 100% transmission.

For optical power, the standard has to be a light source. The source is designed to be very stable, and to present a uniform sampling plane where the irradiance (power/area/nm) can be established.  These lamps are themselves calibrated at our lab, compared to a NIST traceable lamp and NIST traceable power supply.

The video below shows the steps for a UV-VIS-NIR calibration using our DH-3P-CAL. For just VIS-NIR calibrations, our HL-3P-CAL can be used.



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