New fiber UV-SWIR, 200 – 2200nm – this changes things!

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Full range optical fiber 200 – 2200nm

Spectrecology has introduced a new fiber optic reflection probe using optical fiber that is good for the UV and the SWIR wavelength ranges. One fiber covers from 200 – 2200nm, a range that up to now required using a mix of several fibers (UV-VIS or HOH and VIS-NIR or LOH).

The new probe is a 6 around 1 style, bifurcated with the 6 outer fibers going to an illumination source and the central fiber returning to the spectrometer. This “R” style probe has been a mainstay of fiber optic spectroscopy as it can be used for reflection measurement from surfaces, back-scatter or diffuse reflection from solids or liquids, and fluorescence.

The SE-R600-7-UV-SWIR probe pictured below is a premium assembly… fully interlocked stainless steel BX cabling, 6 x 600um full range 0.22na silica optical fiber, 200-2200nm, 2 meters long with the breakout at 0.5m. The reflection probe end is a 1/4″ OD stainless steel ferrule, 3″ long.


Buy a UV-SWIR Reflection Probe online!


Spectrecology UV-SWIR reflection probe


The transmission curves below compare the throughput of traditional HOH (UV-VIS), LOH (VIS-NIR) with our one-fiber-does-it-all UV-SWIR fiber.

The proprietary formulation provides deep UV and SWIR performance.

Spectrecology UV-SWIR optical fiber 200-2200nm

Full range UV-SWIR Fiber Implications

So what does all this mean?

  • The number of fiber patch cords and probes you need in your lab can be cut in half!  That saves money and it makes storage easier.
  • Now we can make broad wavelength systems. For example, our HR4000-CG-UV-NIR spectrometer offers a nice broad range, but users have had to settle with water absorption bands in the NIR range if they used HOH fibers. The new fiber eliminates that problem.
  • Now we can make really broad wavelength systems. For example, we can make a reflection spectroscopy system that covers the entire 200 – 2200nm range!

UV-SWIR 600um reflection probe with Ocean Optics Flame spectrometer and HL-2000 light sourceSpectrecology broad range optical fiber UV-SWIR