Egeria densa Spectral ID

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  Using Reflectance for Species Identification Paired STS spectrometers (upwelling and downwelling orientation) were used to identify aquatic and shoreline plants for use in controlling invasive species like the Brazilian water weed Egeria densa. The spectra of Egeria densa samples … Continued

Oxygen Sensors in toluene, olive oil, ethanol, propane & riboflavin

Zero Drift and HCR Optical O2 sensors Our optical Oxygen sensors measure pO2 in gases, liquids and mixed systems such as slurries, biological samples and process streams. The fundamental mechanism is the collisional quenching of a fluorescent molecule by molecular … Continued

Two channel radiometry for Reflectance – Oceanview schematic

Reflectance of vegetation using 2 channel spectrometer system – Oceanview schematic Reflectance of sunlight from the ground is critical to understanding remote sensing, hyperspectral imagery, and is the fundamental measurement used in precision agriculture, drought detection, monitoring invasive species and a … Continued

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