So you’ve collected your data, now what?

Spectrecology Data Analytics


Providing Analytics & Statistics based Solutions

Spectrecology is not just spectroscopy! We offer a holistic approach to achieving your business and scientific goals. While our optical sensors provide valuable measurements, interpreting these measurements requires a broader perspective that includes an understanding of experimental design, context of data acquisition, and appropriate inclusion of other variables and sources of meta data.


Our key capabilities include:

Research Methodology

  • Designing your experiment

Data Integration

  • Coupling of information from instrument sources with business, survey, or public record data to create a robust data set

Data Analysis & Inference

  • Data mining
  • Business analytics
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Predictive, descriptive, and decision models
    • Regression
    • Time series analysis
    • Neural networks
    • Decision trees
    • Cluster analysis
    • Factor analysis
  • Meta-analysis

Communication of Results

  • Presentation of findings for both scientific and lay audiences
  • Data visualization


How we can help?

Contact us and tell us about your project! We love to share ideas and brainstorm ways to solve problems. This includes designing ways to gather data, proposals for instrumentation where it’s needed, and ideas for acquisition of meta data.

If you would like to engage us on a consulting basis, call us!

We will provide:

  • New Projects
    • Initial assessment
    • Designing your experiment
    • Written recommendations for modifications of experiments, data collection, and analytic strategy.
  • For projects that are complete and ready for analysis –
    • Review the data
    • Offer methodological recommendations
    • Provide an analytic approach to achieve the goals of your project
  • We will offer a written proposal that indicates what parts of the data analysis tasks we can provide, and a time and cost estimate.


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