Multi-Spectral Imaging

Spectrocam 8 channel filter wheel camera - Spectrecology Back story! For years I dreamed about creating a camera that would give a 2 dimensional image of the pH of the seawater around a swimming animal. The idea was to be able to measure respiration rates of swimming zooplankton (when CO2 is excreted by the animal, it changes the pH of the seawater, and changes the color of a dissolved indicator dye I could add to the seawater). I wanted to measure how much energy it costs a 3mm long copepod to migrate from 600 meters deep in the ocean each night to the surface, and then swim back in the morning. That’s the equivalent of a person walking 45 miles to lunch and back each day!  Back then, it wasn’t possible (so I created a numerical model of the swimming from high speed photography instead). But now, it is possible! Hyper-spectral – multi-spectral imaging is here, it’s effective, and it’s affordable! Imaging with spatial and spectral resolution – multi-spectral imaging with Pixelteq’s SpectroCam™ and PixelCam™ provides the spatial variation in chemical composition in qualitative and quantitative ways, optical properties, and other information that can be used in thousands of applications. Multi-spectral imaging is a faster, simpler version of hyper-spectral imaging. We offer two unique solutions:

  • SpectroCam Multi-Spectral cameras that deliver a configurable hardware & software platform for application development and deployment using sequential video-rate imaging for up to 8 spectral bands at a time using interchangeable optical filters.
  • PixelCam™ Multispectral Cameras that provide true snapshot multi-band imaging using a variety of area &  linear sensors for application-specific cameras with small form factors and straightforward device integration.

Spectrocam Multispectral Wheel Cameras

Spectrocam hyperspectral imaging - SpectrecologySpectroCam™ multispectral wheel cameras offer a sophisticated, flexible platform for development and deployment of various imaging applications. Available in UV, VIS, and SWIR versions. Designed to reduce development times and simplify the design cycle, SpectroCam™ features a high speed, continuously rotating filter wheel containing 6-8 interchangeable optical filters. Combined with the scientific grade CCD array, this filter design creates a fully portable and configurable, high speed multi-spectral imaging system. With minimal pixel shift and high frame rates, the dynamic Spectrocam™ is a powerful product development tool. SpectroCam™ systems are available in a turnkey format complete with lens, eight interchangeable filters and acquisition software that can be used for innovative 2D spectroscopy research in a variety of fields including water quality measurement, product screening, machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance and authentication. The system can also be customized for integration into specific OEM products. The platform is readily modified to meet your mechanical and environmental needs. SpectroCam™ is available for R&D teams who need a quick, turnkey solution. The device utilizes a wideband CCD capable of UV-enhanced measurements and can be supplied with a standard set of filters or outfitted with up to eight different interchangeable custom filters. The proprietary design allows for quick delivery while providing a system that suits your specific application needs today and for years to come. The SpectroCam™ offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for your current and future multispectral imaging projects.

Spectrocam Wavelength Ranges

Spectrocam is available with 4 different image sensors covering different wavelength ranges.

  • Spectrocam UV

    Spectrocam-UV System.   Spectrocam-UV, Imaging and Analysis Software, 8 catalog Filters, Power Supply, Cables, Tripod and Small Case, Computer and Coastal Optical UV-VIS-IR 60mm lens.

  • Spectrocam VIS

  • Spectrocam-VIS Camera 1.4 MP System.  Spectrocam 1.4 MP camera, Imaging and Analysis Software, 8 catalog Filters, Power Supply, Cables, Tripod and Small Case, Zeiss Distagon 25mm lens.SpectroCam-VIS Camera 5 MP System. SpectroCam, Imaging and Analysis Software, 8 catalog Filters, Power Supply, Cables, Tripod and Small Case, Zeiss Distagon 25mm lens.
  • Spectrocam VIS-SWIR

    SPECTROCAM-VIS-SWIR-ext-640 system. Spectrocam with 800-1700nm, 640×512 SWIR detector, frame grabber+software, 6 SWIR catalog filters, power supply, cables, tripod and small case, Coastal Optical UV-VIS-IR 60mm lens.  NOTE: Although this model supports sensitivity from 400-1700nm, PIXELTEQ provided bandpass filters for 800-1700nm range block signals <800nm. Not all filters from the standard catalog are suitable, please contact us for details.

  • Spectrocam SWIR

    SPECTROCAM-SWIR-320 system. Spectrocam with 900-1700nm, 320×256 pixel SWIR detector, frame grabber+software, 6 catalog filters, power supply, cables, tripod and small case and Coastal Optical UV-VIS-IR 60mm lens. 


Spectrocam UV, VIS and SWIR - Spectrecology

Spectrocam Specifications

Spectral response 200-900nm (UV+VIS+NIR)

400-1000nm (VIS+NIR)

500-1700nm (SWIR) 900-1700nm (SWIR)
Sensor CCD, UV-enhanced Si 1392 x 1040px 4.65μm pixel pitch CCD, silicon, 5MP 2456 x 2058px 3.45μm pixel pitch CCD, silicon, 1.4MP 1392 x 1040px 6.45μm pixel pitch InGaAs 640 x 512px 15μm pixel pitch InGaAs 320 x 256px 30μm pixel pitch
Spectral bands 8 8 8 6 6
Active area 6.4 x 4.8mm 8.47 x 7.1mm 10.2 x 8.3mm 9.6 x 7.68mm 9.6 x 7.68mm
Frame rate Up to 15 frames/sec Up to 15 frames/sec Up to 20 frames/sec Up to 25 frames/sec Up to 25 frames/sec
Optical interface

F-mount standard (manual aperture & focus), range of lenses available, adapters available on request

Digital output Gig-E, 10 bit Gig-E, 12 bit Gig-E, 12 bit Gig-E, 14 bit Gig-E, 14 bit
Size & weight 136 x 124 x 105mm (5.4″ x 4.9″ x 4.1″) 908g (2.0lbs) 136 x 124 x 105mm (5.4″ x 4.9″ x 4.1″) 680g (1.5lbs) 136 x 124 x 105mm (5.4″ x 4.9″ x 4.1″) 680g (1.5lbs) 136 x 124 x 116mm (5.4″ x 4.9″ x 4.6″) 908g (2.0lbs) 136 x 124 x 116mm (5.4″ x 4.9″ x 4.6″) 908g (2.0lbs)
265nm 25nm
272nm 25nm
290nm 25nm
313nm 23nm
330nm 26nm
330nm 90nm
345nm 14nm
350nm 60nm
365nm 19nm
375nm 50nm
380nm 14nm
420nm 20nm
425nm 50nm
425nm 100nm
440nm 20nm
475nm 20nm
475nm 100nm
509nm 20nm
528nm 5nm
532nm 17nm
542nm 10nm
550nm 100nm
558nm 5nm
570nm 20nm
575nm 100nm
578nm 10nm
580nm 20nm
590nm 17nm
615nm 17nm
615nm 100nm
620nm 10nm
645nm 17nm
650nm 100nm
660nm 10nm
667nm 17nm
669nm 10nm
675nm 100nm
680nm 10nm
700nm 10nm
717nm 10nm
750nm 100nm
775nm 100nm
790nm 10nm
832nm 5nm
843nm 27nm
850nm 100nm
858nm 120nm
860nm 10nm
918nm 10nm
972nm 10nm

Spectrocam Software

Spectrocam software provides command and control functions for the continuously rotating wheel, exposure controls for the camera, real time display of results, and saving of image data to files. The software also provides basic image processing algorithm loading and display of false colors to indicate results from those algorithms. Spectrocam is the ideal tool for developing multispectral applications as both filters and software are easily modified.

Spectrocam Applications

• Biomedical markers – cancer markers – poryfrins • Medical tissue analysis — depth of burn, bed sores & ulcer identification, necrosis, cancerous tissues • Forensics examination – fiber analysis • Authentication – paintings, Dead Sea Scrolls, inks, dyestuffs, Shroud of Turin • Art & archeology • Food quality grading – ripeness in fruits and vegetables, spoilage, insecticides, species authentification • Colorimetric assays • High accuracy color • Enhanced night vision Spectrocam multispectral imaging system - Spectrecology