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OceanView is our flagship desktop spectroscopy application. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, it provides full control of all Ocean Optics spectrometers. OceanView is the recommended software for use with Ocean Optics spectrometers.

Oceanview can be download for a free 10 day trial period.

Oceanview Download Instructions

Automated Wizards

OceanView-01-Wizard_Categories OceanView-02-Spectroscopy_Wizards OceanView-03-Absorbance_Wizard

OceanView software provides numerous automated Wizards ready to walk you through complex spectroscopy and color processing tasks. Just select the task you wish to perform (absorbance, Raman, colormetrics etc), and intuitive forms will walk you through each step in data collection and process configuration.

Schematic View

OceanView-04-Absorbance_SchematicBeyond simple “scope mode” visualization, OceanView software allows you to generate, edit and export complete spectral process flow diagrams using a natural “schematic” dataflow. Anyone familiar with LabVIEW or similar tools will be instantly at ease in this straightforward diagram-based process model.

Create, configure, and connect schematic nodes to read data from devices, transform and combine that data through a library of built-in spectroscopic functions, and then output the results to visual graphs and Excel-ready CSV files with this Ocean Optics spectrometer software.

OceanView-Color_ProcessingColor Processing

Plotting a spectrum as intensity-vs-wavelength is handy for quick tests and troubleshooting, but increasingly customers are looking past “raw data” to real answers. OceanView software provides a wealth of integrated color-processing features to help you quickly compute CCT, CRI, u’v’, L*a*b* and other color models on-the-fly.


Data Collection

OceanView-Save_DataWhether you need to carefully capture events at faster-than-human timescales, or if you just want to leave an extended test running over a 3-day weekend, OceanView is able to log the data you need for post-action analysis. Spectra can be saved singly as snapshots, or streamed to a continually-growing table which can be opened directly to Excel for evaluation and charting. You can save full spectra on this Ocean Optics spectrometer software in either mode, or select specific wavelengths or ranges for focused strip-charts over time.

How do I … using OceanView?

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Reinstalling OceanView

  1. If there is a previous version of OceanView on your PC, please uninstall it first.  For Windows, you should use Start / Control Panel / Programs and Features / Uninstall a Program.
  1. In addition, please delete the OceanView folder found in the path: C:\Program Files\Ocean Optics\OceanView.   If this folder has already been removed, please skip to the next step.
  1. Also, please delete the user directory folder:

Windows 7: The User Directory is found in the directory under your Username.  To get to this directory, go to C:\Users\<Username> and the user directory to be deleted is “userdir_oceanview-<Username>”  It is under C:\Users\<Username>.

  1. If you have not saved any projects, please delete the “oceanview” directory in the same folder as step 3.
  1. After uninstalling OceanView and deleting the folders, please reinstall OceanView from the link below:

You may download OceanView (if you already have not done so) from this link:

Please select the installer that corresponds to your operating system (i.e. 32 vs. 64–bit Windows).

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