Spectrometer Rentals by the week or month

Our spectrometer rental program is very easy. We rent systems by the week or month. You pay for shipping both ways, typically by UPS ground. Your rental starts when you get the system and after the rental period you send it back.

If you want to purchase a system, we’ll apply your rent towards the purchase price (up to 50% of purchase price).

Renting is ideal for short term projects, feasibility testing, or to get familiar with the equipment or techniques before buying a system.

We have systems for all kinds of spectroscopic analysis, oxygen sensors, wavelength standards and radiometric calibrations.  If you need something slightly different let us know, we may have the parts and expertise to put something together for you.

We also sell supplies – such as cuvettes, pipettes, reflection standards etc that you may need for your work.

We also rent optical oxygen sensors, wavelength calibration lamps, and irradiance calibration lamps.


item # To measure: Description Price/week/month
#R1 Absorbance UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for 1cm cuvettes, 200 – 850nm. Includes CHEMUSB4-UV-VIS, software, USB cable & several UV plastic cuvettes,  rent per  week/month $269 / $941
#R2 Irradiance VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer, 350-1000nm, includes USB2000+VIS-NIR, fiber & cosine corrector, calibration,  rent per  week/month $269 / $941
#R3 Irradiance UV-VIS Spectroradiometer, 200-850nm, includes USB2000 spectrometer, fiber & cosine corrector,  rent per  week/month $269 / $941
#R4 Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer, 200-850nm emission spectra with UV or VIS LED excitation,  rent per  week/month $269 / $941
#R5 Oxygen DO or pO2 meter, includes Neofox Optical Oxygen Sensor, fiber optic probe, temp sensor,  rent per  week/month $269 / $941
#R15 Irradiance

STS-UV-RAD UV Ocean Optics spectro-radiometer, 200-650nm

$269 / $941
#R7 Reflection VIS-NIR Spectro-reflectometer, includes vIS-NIR spectrometer, light source, reflection probe, 350-1000nm $269 / $941
#R8 Absorbance, Reflection or Irradiance NIR Spectrometer, options for absorbance, reflection or irradiance, 900 – 2200nm, includes NirQuest512-2.2 spectrometer and accessories,  rent per  week/month $499 / $1746
#R9 Wavelength Standard HG-1 Wavelength Standard Hg and A atomic emission lines, 250 – 1000nm,  rent per  week/month $49 / $171
#R10 Irradiance VIS Spectro-radiometer, 350-800nm, includes STS-VIS spectrometer, cosine corrector and radiometric calibration, rent per  week/month $169 / $591
#R11 Reflection Optics HL2000-HP light source with shutter, R400 reflection probe and holder rent per  week/month $99 / $346
#R12 Absorbance Optics ECOVIS Krypton source with cuvette holder rent per  week/month $99 / $346
#R13 Absorbance Fluorescence VIS NIR Spectrometer, 3 way cuvette holder and light source,  rent per  week/month $299 / $1046
#R14 Reflection JAZ UV-VIS Portable Reflection System, 200-850, Jaz PX source, reflection probe, extra battery and hardcase, rent per week/month $299 / $1046

Accessories you may need to purchase:


Oceanview.  This is available as a 10 day free trial. If you are renting longer than 1 week you will need to buy a license

Reflection standards

WS-1 diffuse reflection standard

STAN-SSH. specular reflection standards


1-Q-10 UV grade fused silica cuvettes – recommended for measurments below 350nm, and required for measurements below 225nm and higher than 900nm

Macro UV plastic cuvettes  – work from 225-900nm