Budget Crunch – Finding R&D dollars is hard!

We want to help! We have come up with ways to stretch your R&D funds that are listed below. We are involved in supplying instruments and equipment needed for research. Many of our customers are University based researchers and teachers. We know that funding is scarce, the needs are growing, getting young investigators established is critical and budgets aren’t likely to get bigger in the near term.  We are open to suggestions, so let us know if there are other things we might try to help.

We want to help!

Sources of R&D funding in the US – why is there a crunch?

Funding for research and development has been difficult for quite awhile. Funding as a percentage of Gross Domestic product has remained <3% for over 40 years while reliance on innovations and new technology to grow our economy has risen.  It is impossible to supply the world’s projected growing population with fresh water, food, energy, housing, medical care unless there are significant advances in basic science, applied science, and commercialization and deployment of new technology.

Spectrecology Ways to Save R&D dollars

Graphs are from:   The Sources and Uses of U.S. Science Funding (Joseph V. Kennedy)

Growth in federal funding for science has not kept pace with growth in industrial funding. This trend reflects on ongoing effort towards reducing the size of the federal government

Spectrecology Budget Boosters

Instrument Rentals

Spectrecology ideas for R&D funding

Renting a spectrometer can be a very effective way to lower your costs!

If you only need to make spectrophotometric measurements once in awhile, or for a fixed duration for a specific project, then give us a call!

We rent spectrometers, accessories and optical O2 sensors. Rent can be by the week or the month. You would pay shipping both ways. The rental period begins when you receive the spectrometer and ends when you ship it back to us.

We also will credit 50% of any rents you pay towards purchase of a new spectrometer! That offer is valid for 1 year!

Prices vary by system, but are typically in the $250-$500 per week range.

You can view our general offerings on our online store:  Rent Spectrometers

We are expanding our rental inventory to help meet the need! We recently added an additional NIRQuest512-2.2, STS-UV-RAD, USB2000+-VIS and extra fibers and collection optics.

However, do call us to discuss your application. We can supply fibers, light sources, calibrations to meet your needs. Our rental inventory includes:

  • NIRQuest512-2.2   NIR spectrometers, 900-2200nm
  • FLAME-T-XR1   200 – 1024nm
  • CHEMUSB4-UV-VIS   cuvette based spectrophotometers 200 – 850nm
  • USB2000+ and USB4000 spectrometers, 200-850nm and 350-1000nm
  • HR4000CG-UV-NIR  – 200 – 1050nm
  • JAZ portable spectrometers – UV-VIS and VIS-NIR. The UV-VIS unit has a pulsed xenon lamp for reflection studies in the field
  • STS-UV-RAD   calibrated UV-VIS radiometer, 200 – 650nm, with cosine corrector
  • STS-VIS  miniature spectrometer 350-800nm
  • VIS-NIR calibrations – any of our VIS-NIR spectrometers can be calibrated for irradiance use with a cosine corrector (350 – 2200nm)
  • NEOFOX – optical O2 sensor, electronics, fibers and probes for dissolved oxygen (DO) or gaseous oxygen (pO2)

In addition to short term rentals we also offer lease to own options.



STEM Education Grants & Cost sharing - Spectrecology

Innovations in Educational Spectroscopy Grant Program

The Innovations in Educational Spectroscopy Grant Program provides resources to public and private teaching institutions. The program uses spectroscopy as a general-purpose measurement tool to promote the use of modern instrumentation and technology in science and engineering curricula. We offer several funding options:

Program A: Funding toward proposals for extramural funds for purchasing science equipment

Ocean Optics offers funding in support of proposals to federal, state and private institutions for the advancement of research utilizing Ocean Optics products. Program A covers the customer who applies for funding from an institution such as NSF, NIH or similar body and needs to demonstrate that they have received an educational grant discount from Ocean Optics. Most awards represent a discount of approximately 10% of the order amount.

Program B: Funding for purchasing science equipment to develop science and engineering curricula

We offer educational discounts toward the purchase of Ocean Optics products to be used for developing new science and engineering curricula. Funding levels vary according to the product, but typically start at 10%. Higher percentage awards are available for grantees that develop curricula, experiments and related material and provide these materials to Ocean Optics for posting at our website and in other media. Awards are granted based on the strength of the applicant’s technical proposal and the originality of the proposed curricula.


Grants are available to any qualifying non-profit educational institution located in the U.S. Institutions based outside the U.S. may be considered but should contact Ocean Optics before submitting an application. Grant applications must be signed by the submitting instructor (or principal investigator) and an authorized official of the institution. The submitting instructor should be a full-time (>50%) employee of the institution.

Grant Application Guidelines

All grant applicants should submit a 1 page grant application form. It is recommended that you contact us first to discuss your ideas and equipment needs. WE can provide a quotation showing the cost sharing/discount and or a support letter. Typical discounts are ~10%.

Download a Grant Application

Innovations in Spectroscopy Grant Application


Spectrecology trade-ins support world wide labs

Assisting Clinical Labs In Mission Hospitals And Clinics In Developing Countries With Equipment, Supplies, Training, And Software

Trade-ins and Used equipment


Do you have spectrometers, spectrophotometers or other analytical devices that are no longer being used? You can trade them in for a credit towards purchase of a new spectrometer.  We donate these items to World Wide Lab Improvement, and organization that helps improve clinical labs in developing nations. Here are the details:

  • The equipment must be in good working order.
  • We donate it to Worldwide Lab Improvement, a nonprofit organization specializing in equipping laboratories of hospitals and clinics in developing countries.
  • We offer you a discount of $500 towards your new spectrometer.
  • Please do not send the equipment to Worldwide Lab Improvement or Ocean Optics without our consent

Trade in your old Spec 20 - Spectrecology

trade in your Spec 20 - Spectrecologytrade in your Spec 20 - SpectrecologyUsed Equipment

If you are trading in older models of Ocean Optics spectrometers, we will refurbish them and offer them for sale as used equipment, or include them in our rental inventory. We will also occasionally offer used fibers, sampling optics, and even cuvettes.















Special Systems and Bargains for Educators

We offer special “Education” systems that are especially designed for the lowest possible cost for the greatest student experience. These kits are ideal for Chemistry Lab course as well as live demonstrations.


Ocean Optics has packaged its robust, sub-miniature STS spectrometer with a versatile illuminated cuvette holder and the ideal combination of accessories and software to help bring the excitement of spectroscopy to STEM labs everywhere. The STS grew out of a need for embedded spectrometers to monitor laser wavelengths. The STS units also proved ideal for deployment of drones for remote sensing applications. Its small size and lower cost made it ideal for education systems.

Take advantage of this affordable kit to demonstrate principles of spectroscopy through absorbance, transmission, fluorescence, emission and pH measurements.

Kit includes the following:

  • STS-VIS spectrometer – USB miniature, 1024 element CMOS detector, 350-800nm
  • ECOVIS – light source and cuvette holder, absorbance or fluorescence or illumination
  • P400-1-VIS-NIR optical fiber
  • Plastic cuvettes (pack of 8) for routine absorbance measurements
  • pH sensor cuvettes (pack of 8) for optical pH determinations
  • Cosine corrector for irradiance measurements
  • Oceanview software – full featured and easy to use
  • Rugged case
  • Curriculum & Experiment Guide
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