Complete Sensing Systems

There are many thousands of ways to use the 3,500+ modular parts and components and subsystems in our toolbox. It might seem confusing and choosing the right parts can be time consuming.

To help, we have put together the “best” systems for standard applications.  These may not be the “very best” for your specific application, but we can modify and customize with you to achieve the optimum results.

All of our products are modular, so in the future you can covert your spectrophotomter to a spectroreflectometer or a spectrofluorometer or a spectroradiometer just by purchasing additional components.


To measure absorbance of liquids in a cuvette:

  • Compact integrated light/cuvette holder/spectrometer CHEM units
  • Fiber optic modular FLAME-ABS system

To measure Fluorescence or liquids in a cuvette

To measure Reflection or Back-scattering in liquids or solids

To measure dissolved or gaseous O2

To measure Raman spctra of solids or liquids